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Is there a tool that can identify those programs that don't release memory
on exit? Something is currently bogging my system right down although
nothing shows in Task Manager. I can't work out what it is.

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I am given to understand, that FSX can be used on the FSHost servers V3.1
Not tested by me, but have looked at the FSHost site recently.
So should be no problem running FSX online sessions.
As for the rest, I expect Grant and Stephan are just as frustrated.
As for the Horizon software, as I do not confine myself to VFR UK, it to me
, would be a waste of money.
And yes, an update to the PCF AI aircraft is way overdue.
Have just bought, and am testing  FSCommander, not as versitile as FSNav,
requires a big chuck of free mem, and in my case, does not release it when
shut down.
Also needs AIBridge to see MP aircraft, whereas with FSNav, you just log in.
Still finding out its quirks, almost certainly needs to be run across a lan,
to release the flight machine.
As for Vista, I cannot see that it will do for me, that WinXP already does.
Will it be worth paying out over £150:00, just to be with it. I do have a 64
bit machine, and it runs my 32 bit software very nicely thank you.
And yes I have FSX, still sitting on the shelf in its wrapper, something to
play around with in the new year.
As I am still recovering from a major HD crash, and currently using an old
boot drive, abeit small capacity, a new larger drive is the next priority.
Frank F

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I guess as an FSX owner I should get used to it, but there's quite a list of
things I'm waiting for -
Fixes for the Horizon scenery
Updates for the Just Flight Flying Club aircraft
The new FSNav
Windows Vista
My new hardware (needs Vista and DX10)
Updates (or new versions of) the UK2000 airports
New Pilot's Club for FSX
and probably some more I've forgotten. Did we have this with FS2004?
Frank T.


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