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No - we didn't hit this problem with FS2004 because it was mostly backward
compatible with earlier releases.
FSX isn't truly backward compatible, whatever MS said. In this sense it is
more like FS5 or FS2000 - both which had such major revamping that it was
centuries before add-ons started to appear for them.
Anyone recall the FS5 Alitalia DC9 that was made for FS5? I think we were
all flying that for months and months before any other aircraft started to
appear. It was the first aircraft ever to have actual progressive working
gear and flaps (even the default FS5 aircraft didn't do that) and moving
controls. I think I spent the first night just looking at these going up and
down and up and down and...  Magic at the time.

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I guess as an FSX owner I should get used to it, but there's quite a list of
things I'm waiting for -
Fixes for the Horizon scenery
Updates for the Just Flight Flying Club aircraft
The new FSNav
Windows Vista
My new hardware (needs Vista and DX10)
Updates (or new versions of) the UK2000 airports
New Pilot's Club for FSX
and probably some more I've forgotten. Did we have this with FS2004?
Frank T.

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