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I get that too but I'm not sure there is anything that can be done about it.

The top of the haze layer in FS2004 is probably a little too well defined so
that when it is punctured by rising ground it leaves such a notable "rim".
In real life haze doesn't have such well defined a cut off height (except
when there is a temperature inversion) and so it merges more subtly with
adjacent land - more so if there is a wind blowing.

What I DO notice is a couple of sawn off clouds - something I've noticed
recently here and have worried that summat is going wrong on my system. I'm
glad it's not just me..

As to the haze maybe there's a fix in FSUIPC or elsewhere that can spread
the height band a bit. I know you can make clouds variable from the defined
height so possibly a similar option exists for haze..


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Hi all,

I've got a problem with visibility whilst flying at altitude, which is shown
in the following screenshot :


As you can see, the visibility level cuts off abruptly, leaving a very
distinct ring around any terrain which juts above the upper level of the low

Does anyone know whether this can be altered via FS settings to look more

For info, my graphics card is an nVidia FX5200, 256MB, which has full
DirectX9 support, drivers are the latest from the nVidia website.


Phil Reynolds

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