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Yes it is an old model, but the newer ones are getting bigger, defeating
the object to some extent. I can get a whole O&M manual for one of my
customers on a 2GB SD card - plug it into the Asus and carry it round in
my site-coat pocket, which is why I was atrracted to it.


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> The 701 is an old model. Later versions of the EeePC have much more 
> HD space
> and memory and now have a 10" screen. It's the latest in a series 
> on UMPC's
> that started with the Samsung Q1 and which are proving very 
> popular. Several
> SBS users have them to plug the SBS unit into when mobile as it 
> saves
> dragging a laptop around which is far heavier and has limited 
> battery life.
> Eee PC's can be bought with either Linux or Windows Mobile XP. The 
> latter is
> quite robust and works exceedingly well on my Pocket PC.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://woodair.net
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> Yesterday I noticed a small laptop type PC, in the window of our 
> local PC purveyor. It's got a 7" screen and a keyboard. It's the 
> Asus Eee 4Gb 701. Although it's available with Windows, the usual 
> OS is Linux, of which I know not wot!
> I'd guess most of the 4Gb would be grabbed by Windows so, first 
> question, is the Linux OS less space greedy?
> Next, could a Linux machine connect with this Windows based 
> network, when at home?
> The attraction of this Asus is part price but primarilly its size. 
> It could disappear amongst the clothes, in a suitcase, rather than 
> having to be dragged around as hand baggage.
> On holiday the attraction is that it would allow me to look at and 
> process photographs, having an inbuilt card reader. It's also about 
> £150 cheaper than a dedicated photo storage and viewing device. 
> It's also set up to connect to wireless setups.
> Gerry Winskill

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