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I shall look at them with special interest then having flown out of all

I wonder if it is worth digging out my old FS98 scenery for them - part of
the projected VFR Scotland and Ireland scenery that never saw the light of
day.. I made all the Scottish islands airfields but the project itself ran
on too long for viable publication..

Are all the offshore islands missing from Scotflight? Must take a look at
the web page and check the full airfield listing again.


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In tandem, since Scotflight doesn't cover these three. That seems to
have been the trigger for their development.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Does that scenery override the Scotflight scenery or does it work in
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>Flew from Belfast City to Benbecula, just, whilst watching Servinfo
>displaying Denis flying Speke to Edinburgh. Saw you make low level
>flypass at Benbecula, Denis. Did you then turn into a submarine? I'm
>using newly downloaded Western Isles, which includes Benbecula, Tiree
>and Stornaway.
>Gerry Winskill

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