[jhb_airlines] Re: VFR to IFR

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 15:13:05 +0100

Strange as it works absolutely great here. I must admit it is invaluable
when going over to the menus to turn ServInfo, FSScreen or many other
utilities on.

FS drops into a lower resolution when you change focus to another app so
it is possible your card isn't set up to recognise the resolution it is
dropping in to.. Don't ask me how you change this either! <vbg>


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> > if the "pause on task switch" is
> > disabled.
> I have never found that work.  I had a mate who used to put FS in 
> a window, then minimise it and carry on with his other tasks - 
> (writing software for the Gemini scenery for FS4 - anyone 
> remember it?), just opening the window to land.  Whenever I have 
> tried that, the aircraft has always been where I last left it!
> Peter

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