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Going to your website, I had to pass the Euromanx shots, which reminded me. A runout on the Triumph, yesterday morning, saw me taking a refreshment break by the RVP gate, on the road to Manx Flyers. Since I just happened to have packed my scanner, I was listening in, to check when I needed to get out the binocs, as one does. Being out of sight of SWMBO, I'd just finished the masrzipan version of a Ritter Sport, when I heard an aircraft ask clearace to pass through the zone, VFR. When they'd got him to descend to an altitude that brought him into the zone, in the first place, they cleared him through. As he left, they said they could provide a Radar Advisory Service and that, diplomatically, he wished to climb from his filed 3000' to 3500', that would put him at the right heght to comply with the quadrantal system. He said thanks very much but we'll stay at 3000'!

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

If I could pull my head away from gauges for a while I really ought to look
at this scenery.

The gauge rebuild is slowing down a bit as I am now delving into areas
outside the default XML code. I never noticed it before but once MS
developed an XML gauge they have stuck with it for all aircraft (maybe with
a slight change of bitmaps). For example all the flap gauges tend to be
linear levers with the flaps having three to or seven indents. No problem
here because you just create a sequential code triggering the different
bitmaps for successive clicks of the flap lever. On the Aztec we have a
spring loaded lever so I need to make the code trigger a DOWN bitmap for ALL
flap down selections but an UP bitmap if I raise flaps. Sounds simple and
probably is once I find the right XML code sequence to use.

I've updated the panel screenshot again as I have now added the bitmap for
the fuel selector - the last gauge to go on the panel. My first attempt to
code this wasn't too good as only one click spot worked - and this promptly
shut down both engines by turning the fuel off. <vbg>

Another gauge needing a bit more work is the autopilot. I got this working
OK and was feeling a bit smug - but then I noticed it wasn't quite right.
Turning the AP off didn't cancel the various buttons that had been selected
(it cancelled the operation of each but the bitmap showing the button was on
didn't switch to off). Same with selecting Nav hold - which should turn the
HDG button off - and APP mode which should turn the NAV button off when the
Loc signal is captured. Unfortunately the default FS autopilots are still
GAU files in C++ so I am working from scratch here.

Getting used to XML isn't so bad but Reverse Polish Notation on top is
definitely a struggle. Thinks... should this be Notation Polish Reversed?
Mind you I am still chuffed that I have got as far as I have in a week.


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Very interestink. Not only is the Netherlands VFR scenery significantly sharper than VFR UK, with the presence of individual cars readilly identifiable, but its effect on prformnce is also different. I'm currently flying Roterdam to Gronbningen. Once past Schiphol and my framerates are at an unprecedente 100fps. And that's with the city of Amsterdam filling the windscreen. Although it does blur., occasionally, it snaps back into sharp focus, within a couple of seconds. All very impressive. Gerry Winskill

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