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I've recorded everyone's VID on the JHB page at:
The server list goes blank - I think this is a glitch - so you need to type
If you need a test I can login if you wish.

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During my visit to the show on Saturday, I carefully explained to the man on
the Saitek stand that my X-52 was misbehaving in FS2004, but worked
perfectly in FSX. He explained that somehow the FS2004 set up had got
corrupted, and in order to fix this I needed to hold down the left shift and
left control keys when I started FS2004, and keeping them held down, when I
got into the cockpit I needed to move the controls around for a bit to get
them set up correctly again.
On returning home I tried said advice, but FS2004 simply refused to start
again. So I had to do a complete re-install, so far I've got the UK
Photoscenery, the UK2000 airports, the UK series from Gerry, FSNav, and a
few aircraft.
Yesterday I reinstalled Pilot's Club, but when I try it, the flight planner
seems ok as I remember, but I can't seem to log in. I think my VID is the
1000..... number, I think I remember my password, but I don't seem to have
any servers in the server list. I've obviously not got something set up, but
I can't remember what. 
I'd like to join the VFR fly-in to Goodwood tonight, can anyone point me in
the direction of set up advice please?
Many thanks.
Frank T.

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