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A fairly good spec, I am aiming a little higher, and will opt (against my better judgment) for Vista 64 bit(32 bit apparently will only read up to 3gig ram, so putting in 4, will be a bit of a waste, WinXP is also 32 bit by the way, same limitation).

Assuming that FSX will run happily in Vista 64.

SP1 and 2 does ramp up FSX, the extra coding to cope with the newer technology. A plus.

Frank F
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I suspect I would too, but I haven't installed FS9 on this machine, and at
the moment, I don't plan to.  My current PC runs FS9 at about 40FPM with
all the addons, and my laptop runs FSX at 14FPM, so what I'm now getting
(and it's gone up to 80 now I've installed SP2) is a significant

The machine came from Maplin and was built for me FOC by the Manager from
Maplin stock parts.  He said he rarely "got the chance" to build machines
for customers, but he clearly was keen to do it.
The motherboard is the AMD QUAD CORE PhenomT 9550
The graphics card is an Nvidia® Geforce 9600GSO 768MB PCI-E
4 Gb Ram (DDE2 i think)
There are two 230Gb SATA Hard Drives
Two DVD RW drives
An 8 channel PCI sound card
All wrapped up in a Mesh ATX PC Case with Super Size 250mm Fan in the side
(and another 100mm fan in the back). Ultra cool, ultra quiet.
The PSU was separate. Catalogue No. A72FH 570Watts

Total cost was a tad less than £700 inc VAT.  I haven't seen anything to
match it anywhere else, and the Maplin guy was brilliant. He built the
machine "over the weekend" and on the Monday morning I went in with my
Windows XP disk and we set the machine up together. Took about 2 hours. He
also threw in a "free gift" - he didn't specify price, so being reasonable,
I opted for one of their ultra minikeyboards, which is now velcroed to the
top of my yoke and makes a very neat installation for online flying.  What
was that service worth? - A lot!


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I get double those FR with FS9 on my current system.

Just now am pricing up for my next machine, and finding a suitable
retailer to build for me.

Too expensive to source all the individual components, and match
them. And the hassle of building and testing.

Am torn between getting a 28 inch TFT or 3 small matched TFT + THTG
(which will add a big chunk to my budget).

Think the 28 inch will win + the trackIR Pro. Space and budget


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