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I get double those FR with FS9 on my current system.

Just now am pricing up for my next machine, and finding a suitable retailer to build for me.

Too expensive to source all the individual components, and match them. And the hassle of building and testing.

Am torn between getting a 28 inch TFT or 3 small matched TFT + THTG (which will add a big chunk to my budget).

Think the 28 inch will win + the trackIR Pro. Space and budget constraints.

Frank F
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Yes - it has never excited me either, but the USA brethen may like it. I
think I can count on one hand the number of times i have flown an aircraft
into Heathrow, i.e. over london for 27, in 17 years of flight simming.

My new PC is now being slowly loaded with stuff and cranked up. FSX with
all sliders almost maxed (everything set to "Medium high" or "High", and
scenery radius at maximum I am getting 80+ fpm with Horizon Gen-X scenery
1.2m resolution. So it's getting a bit better now!



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