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FSX is a lot smoother at lower FR's than FS9 or prevoius, at least M$ got that right.

Which is why I cruise at around 25-30 frames on my puny rig, and that with GenX loaded. Ok the load times at the start, is bad, but liveable. Around 5 minutes from startup to the apron.

Frank F

A new machine will improve that.
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The RAM game in 2Gb chunks and it was cheaper to put in 2 x 2Gb than 3 x
1Gb, as i'm sure you know, pricing is often daft like that.

Anyway 80FPS is a slight improvement over 14, which in FSX is actually
quite flyable. I've never been a frame rate chaser - I wanted more than 20,
so 80 is a bonus!!


*From:* "F FISHER" <ffisher991@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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A fairly good spec, I am aiming a little higher, and will opt
(against my better judgment) for Vista 64 bit(32 bit apparently
will only read up to 3gig ram, so putting in 4, will be a bit of a
waste, WinXP is also 32 bit by the way, same limitation).

Assuming that FSX will run happily in Vista 64.

SP1 and 2 does ramp up FSX, the extra coding to cope with the newer
technology. A plus.

Frank F


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