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Thanks for the explanation, John. I've just become much more aware of the problem lately. The latest version of X-Plane can manage sloping runways, even runs VFGM, but no airport buildings or scenery or multiplayer.


Bones wrote:
Until MS give us the ability to create sloping runways we are going to have
to live with this.

Airfields have to be flattened so that the runways and taxiways don't
produce bouncing. The flatten produces a hardened surface. You can ignore
flattens for grass runways as these are naturally bouncy and this is what
Gerry has emulated so successfully in his private strip work.

Very few airfields are really flat so creating a flatten command is a
horrible necessity. The result is a plateau or a trough - this being worse
for airfields with a large vertical variation. Hopefully MS might start
looking at this in FS2006 - it's well overdue now.


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Mike Most of MS airfields seem to be on a plateau, with at least 3 escarpments around, I know for a fact that EGTO (Rochester) only drops away on one side,

but then it is on the top of one side of a deep valley, and it does not drop

away on the north and east side as in the MS scenery.

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