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I've not looked at the GetMapping survey page for a while to see if the
Scottish shoot is complete yet. Maybe it still has gaps. It's about time
they looked at Northern Ireland too.
As both Horizon and JustFlight are getting data from the same source we
could end up with two nearly identical products coming out. Horizon's
terrain mapping is quoted as 4x that of VFR Terrain so my guess is that they
are using the radar imaging data rather than SRTM. I recall that Mally
played around with this as I had a short test area to look at - and it was
very good. If this came out for Scotland it would be rather stunning.

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From what I can see Horizon only covers England and Wales


I guess they did the bit with the biggest market to land mass ratio first,
like any profit making organisation. Scotland may be beautiful, but it lacks
customer volume.
Frank T.

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