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Looking at the file formats I would say that VATSIM handles MP aircraft
totally automatically. There is quite a rigid code structure to MP aircraft
identification - a seven letter string - and this must be sent out by users
as part of their data packets. This dictates the file that will be loaded
from your VIP folder.

VATSIM supports add on aircraft but the rules are very strict - you have to
create an SMS (Squawkbox Model Set) file and you also have to bundle your
rework into a self installer and fire it off to SB for approval. Reading the
threads I can see a lot of pilots are not doing this but just creating an
SMS file which they are distributing amongst their own VA members. This
isn't too bad but it would mean that other SB users wouldn't recognise you
aircraft code.

Actually SB gets quite clever here because if you use the correct SMS format
it makes SB look for nearest approximations. Say you are flying a JHB 737
which I have supplied to our JHB crews only. In SB other pilots won't have
the JHB version so the code makes SB look for the next best thing - probably
a default 737 - and display this instead. If you are flying a JHB Spitfire
it gets trickier because there isn't a default Spit in SB - but it would
first try to find a Spitfire, then anything else made by Supermarine and
finally, if it finds no near match, you get a paper dart popping up instead.

As you can see I did a lot of reading last night.. <g>


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Thanks for trying to help.

I think I may be misunderstanding the purpose of the aircraft list.  I
thought it was to allow other MP aircraft to appear as the correct type,
but from what you describe it is simply to select your own aircraft.  So
how does SB3 handle other MP aircraft??

As far as the main VATSIM web site is concerned, I'm at a loss to
understand why it isn't accessible to me.  I certainly don't have
cookies blocked, since several of my regular sites rely on placing
cookies.  And I used to visit the main VATSIM site from time to time
without any such problems.

Mike L

Peter Dodds wrote:
> Mike,
> To populate your aircraft list in the Connect page, you select
> the one you want to fly from the Change Aircraft menu option. In
> the change aircraft screen, click on "Aircraft List". you then
> add aircraft to your personal list.  They then appear as a
> dropdown list on the Connect page.  Once you have logged in once,
> SB3 remembers all your details, so if you regularly fly only one
> aircraft it's a doddle. Even if you fly a few, its only a few
> mouse clicks.
> An alternative way to get at the Aircraft list is to click on the
>  Aircraft List button on the Connect page.  the same applies.  As
> you create a list of your own aircraft it becomes a dropdown
> list, so you don't have to go onto the Aircraft List page very
> often. - At least i don't, as i only fly about 4 or 5 types.
> Vatsim plants a cookie on your system, so if you have cookies
> blocked, that could be why you aren't getting on the Vatsim site.
> Only one guess of several possible.
> Peter

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