[jhb_airlines] Re: VATSIM, SquawkBox setup problems

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My firewall is just the opposite - it blocks all web sites except those I
give permissions to. I only enable Java, cookies and referrers for a site if
I know it's kosher. It can be a pain sometimes but it gives me great peace
of mind..


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My problem with accessing www.vatsim.net has me completely baffled.  The
failure to connect (time-out) happens independently of browser,
operating system and PC.  Yet I can ping the IP address OK.  And I know
I used to visit this web site from time to time.

And what looks like a related problem - ServInfo cannot load VATSIM data
- it cannot connect to usa-s1.vatsim.net.  Here again I can ping the IP
address OK.

I wondered about a firewall problem - but firewall settings relate to
applications and the ports they use, not individual IP addresses.  Or
possibly the HOSTS file, which I use to block a lot of advertising sites
- but nothing in that to indicate that I am inadvertently blocking VATSIM.

Any ideas anyone?

Mike L

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