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  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:35:31 +0100

Yes - if you have changed the DAT file manually and added the JHB logo it
will appear on your screen.

When you send off an update to ServInfo it asks you to specify the service
you will be using. In this case I've added VATSIM to our list as well as
FPI. I don't recall how this is flagged in the DAT file but I'll have to
take a look.

I'm not sure how these updates get farmed out. You still apply to ServInfo
but I don't recall any DAT upgrades being available. Current page is dated
31/8/05 so it's not old instructions lying around but maybe we will only see
these changes when 2.0.3 comes out..

In the meantime I've dropped an email to Ruth to kick things into action..


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Wouldn't the logo appear on our machines anyway because we've added an entry
into the .dat file manually?  Presumably anyone outside of JHB will not get
the logo until the new version of servinfo is released, with a new .dat



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I've had a good chat with the VATSIM UK guys today and sorted out a few
problems. Got voice working now but it's a pain in the backside. All
controllers seem to log into one of three voice servers and if they do they
can't talk to one another! They have to be on the same server to use
intercom - bloody daft. Voice is indeed Roger Wilco - ATC use either
rw.avsim.net or rw.liveatc.net. Apparently the server is for
pilots only - but no-one mentions that in the ATC docs..

Right - back to more important matters. JHB has now been registered on
ServInfo as a VATSIM and FPI airline. Once that goes through you can use
your callsigns. You will know because you'll see the logo appear if you look
in VATSIM on ServInfo. As far as VATSIM goes they recognise anything as long
as it is in ServInfo.

The aircraft paints are a different matter and I'll have to talk to Ruth or
someone about that.

And I agree - RW voice quality is bloody awful.



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