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Whether welcome or not I have advocated a change to the current phonetic
alphabet for a few years now. It's been running since 1955 and is well due
an overhaul - and I don't just mean a change for the sake of fashion either.

Pity the poor bloke who has just bought G-NIUS (it used to fly into EGNS)
because every letter of the callsign (after G) is three syllables. Much
snappier is G-GMMM <g>. Most of the letters of the current alphabet are 2
syllables, only two are single (M and G) but six are three syllables (I, J,
N, R, S and U) and these could do with dropping down to two. In this respect
the WW2 alphabet was better..

It doesn't stop the problem that you sometimes get where a callsign can
still become a bit of a tongue twister. In our ATC exams they always threw
in a G-AOEX because there would always be someone who stumbled over it. <g>
Some got as far as Golf Alpha Okkar Exso before realising things weren't
going quite right..


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I deny any abillity to pass comment.
 Only the other day, two visitors asked SWMBO my age. Highlight of the
week was that they had significantly underestimated. SWMBO was not
amused when I speculated whether, if this trend continues, I might
someday get away with saying "of course I married a woman older than
Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>I think I can remember most of the pre 1955 callsigns - Ernie or Gerry
>might correct me if I've got some wrong..
>Roger (?)
>A little search brought up the RAF WW2 codes which I really didn't know
>RAF 1942-43:
>Apple Beer
>Charlie Dog
>Edward Freddy
>George Harry
>Inn Jug/Johnny
>King Love
>Mother Nuts
>Orange Peter
>Queen Roger/Robert
>Sugar Tommy
>Uncle Vic
>William X-ray
>Yoke/Yorker Zebra
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><Light bulb>
>When I worked for a water company, we had radio vehicles with callsigns
>Aqua How, Aqua Jig, Aqua Baker etc.  NOW I know why!
>My mother always used to refer to Ack-Emma and Pip-emma, which as a.m.
>and p.m. must have come from the same radio school (she was in the
>Civil Defence Corps for years).

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