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This raises a good subject for further debate but I'll not go down this road
as it's been covered elsewhere.

Most authorities created their own phonetics and there are many for police,
telecoms, Army etc etc. Have a look at this page for just a few dozen of


Somehow, whilst Googling for this, it diverted me onto a page for Fermat's
last theorem:


Don't ask me how but that then wasted another hour...


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Now we had Aqua Ruby as one of our vans in the water company, so
I wonder if your query re Roger was in fact Ruby? We had vehicles
for all the other callsigns, and a few others, including Aqua
Blue, Aqua Tango and Aqua Juliet, so they must have been licenced
much later.  I was Aqua Queen (which raised ribald comment) and
my boss was Aqua King, which raised a different type of
derogatory quip along the lines of "He's after the Chairman's
job" etc..


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