[jhb_airlines] Upgrade update

  • From: "bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 18:29:19 +0100

With SWMBO safely in Scarborough I finally dug out the PC bits that have
been lying here for two or more months and started on the rebuild.

Complexity is increasing these days. In the past it was only really
necessary to study the mobo manual and make sure jumper settings were
correct. The CPU, memory and drives could be thrown in with a reasonable
certainty they would work as soon as the BIOS autodetect found them.

With this new kit there is a 17 page manual just for the case, a 7 page
manual for the PSU, nothing for the SATA drives or memory and two manuals
for the mobo. The mobo is almost jumperless and went in without a hitch - as
did most of the other bits. It's the wiring that has become more complicated
- and messy as there is a difference of thought between mobo and case. The
five case fans have standard four pin 5v connectors whereas the mobo has no
less than seven fan connectors - obviously for software control. Apart from
the CPU fan it looks like the rest won't be used unless I change the
connectors over.

As Gerry warned the GPU fills two bays. A pity as there are a couple of
sockets that get hidden by it and I won't be able to wire up a couple of the
plugs on the front of the case. USB is OK but I lose the Firewire port - not
really a problem as there are three still on the back. A nice touch is that
the Reality XF-I sound card can be plugged to the front and that will save
the hassle of scrabbling round the rear of the unit to check headset faults.

Hopefully the hardware should be all in shortly and I can then start on
banging in all the software. As I have dual 400Gb drives it will be tempting
to set a partition aside for Linux experimentation on one of the units. A
question for Mike is what would be  a decent size to reserve - and can this
be set aside using FDisk?

John Woodside

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