[jhb_airlines] Updates

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 17:06:43 +0100

A few items of interest for you.

First is that Mike Brook has repainted the Dreamwings Dash 8 aircraft in JHB
colours - both the 100 and the 400 series. The aircraft are now on the JHB
repaint pages, bringing the total up to 18. At this rate I'll soon run out
of JHB registrations as only G-JHBI, J, U, V, W, and Z are left! I'll be
reserving G-JHBW for the PMDG 747 when a paint kit appears for this.

Second is that the FPI forums are back in action again but you will have to
re-register first. The forums were originally on the GameSpy(?) servers but
they have folded and so FPI have had to start again. It means all previous
messages are lost - not bad as they can start with a clean sweep.

Third is the Aztec panel work. I've had a good two days on this and have now
got most of the radio stack in action - albeit with a few code problems to
sort out. The success story for me was the Filser LCD transponder - a neat
little LCD affair that works exactly like the real thing. Only the standby
frequency is a dummy because FS doesn't have code for swapping transponder
main and standby frequencies. Shots of the new gauges are now in the XML
Gauges tutorial along with a (rather big) photo of the real Aztec cockpit.
Only the Bendix KMD150 GPS unit remains outstanding.

I've also been dabbling with the software for the Kinetic SBS1 ADSB
receiver. The default screen is rubbish - much worse than the FPI controller
software - but I have added a detailed UK coastline, airfields, navaids and
fixes to the screen. I was going to add controlled airspace but someone else
has started this. Oddly enough the coastline data is from my original work
on the Pro Controller/Squawkbox software from several years ago - the rest
has been ported in from FSNav. Kinetic admit that the current screen is for
spotters but they are working on a professional version for serious users.



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