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Two updates in the same number of days is annoying.

The second update was (so it said) to install IE7 on your PC and you
couldn't stop it. If you selected Custom Install and unticked the IE7 box
the update icon remained in the taskbar ready to nag you that you still had
updates to apply.

It also installed far more than IE7 too. The Dial Up Networking window has
changed so some network software must have been updated too. It also ran the
MSFT again - the so called Malicious Software Removal Tool - which again
tried to hack into my firewall and change something in it. Maybe it should
be called Non MS software Removal Tool and is the preliminary step to
Vista's total security package.

Being a cynic I can see MS putting themselves in a very powerful position.
Vista is supposed to be in full charge of system security which - to most
people - means that it takes over the functions of your AV and firewall
software. I bet MS don't push out updates every six hours like my AV
software does..

There is nothing stopping MS from going a stage further either. In the
"interests of security" it would be extremely easy for them to declare that
all hardware and software must be certified to run on Vista. Uncertified
software would be deemed malicious and removed by MSRT - "malicious" being
interpreted by MS as "too mean to buy a certificate". No doubt a certificate
would cost money plus the expense of sending the hardware to MS for them to
poke around at and declare "safe". Software would require the submission of
all code so that MS can again declare it totally safe..

OK - far fetched maybe - but I wonder just how far down this road MS will
push things. I am sure they are not going to stop at simple AV/firewall


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On Sunday night XP's upgrades broke through my defences. Yesterday I had to
press Del, as instructed, to get it to boot up. This morning I have to click
on my name, on the Welcome screen. Is there
a setting that gets me back to not having to go through this stage?
Apart from changing to Linnux..... Sorry about that.

Gerry Winskill

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