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Not really. The trick is always to keep voice to a minimum anyway so I'd
only suggest broadcasting your position and height info if you think another
aircraft is going to get close enough to see you on TCAS. No doubt you can
chat on UNICOM if you wish but you never know if another pilot has a
critical message to transmit. It was like last night in a way as we were
chatting a bit on London Centre during a quiet spell and then Steve called
Mayday with engine failure. 
A pilot is going to get really upset if something critical happens to him
and the RT is blocked by someone else talking about non essential matters.
It happens though - as it does in real life - and you just learn as you get
older to keep RT as brief as possible. I try to keep transmissions down to
less than five seconds - amazing what you can say in that time when you sort
out what you really want to say.

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When flying on Unicom in absence of any ATC, what information should you
broadcast, when and how often?  Presumably, if TCAS and Servinfo (for
example) show there are no other aircraft in the vicinity, is there any need
to say anything?


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