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Eeee. I don't know..  I just plug the things in and use them.

I had four USB 4 port hubs and never had a problem with them. I dumped them
when my USB collection grew (now up to 18 USB devices) and got three Belkin
7 port hubs. They've never blinked once.


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Staying with USB; with two apparently duff USB 2 hubs, what really
happens. I wouldn't have thought they could be physically damaged, when
rejected by an XP driver corruption. If "jammed" are they unjamable?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

> If you plug a USB2 device into any USB1.1 port you should get a
> warning that it may not perform at high speed because the port is of
> lower spec.
> bones
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>     Thanks Alastair and Alex for those comments.
>     You have prompted another 2 questions -
>     (a) I had assumed that the FS program was loaded entirely at start
>     up, so that the only disk accessing going on during flight would
>     be scenery loading. Can anyone confirm this?
>     (b) You both prompted me to have a good look at the specs, and
>     clearly it is highly desirable to use USB 2.0 rather than USB 1.1.
>     My elderly (3 years old) Dell PC has a number of USB ports, how
>     can I tell what spec these are?
>     Note I was thinking of getting one of these disk drives to store
>     the Horizon FSX scenery.
>     Frank T.

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