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If you plug a USB2 device into any USB1.1 port you should get a warning that
it may not perform at high speed because the port is of lower spec.

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Thanks Alastair and Alex for those comments.
You have prompted another 2 questions -
(a) I had assumed that the FS program was loaded entirely at start up, so
that the only disk accessing going on during flight would be scenery
loading. Can anyone confirm this?
(b) You both prompted me to have a good look at the specs, and clearly it is
highly desirable to use USB 2.0 rather than USB 1.1. My elderly (3 years
old) Dell PC has a number of USB ports, how can I tell what spec these are?
Note I was thinking of getting one of these disk drives to store the Horizon
FSX scenery.
Frank T.

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