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The USB drive I am using claims up to 480Mb/s. I've run quite a few programs
directly from it plus videos, music and huge AVI files - all with no
problem. I've not tried running FS2004 but it wouldn't be a true test
because the cfg files will still point to the original locations for scenery
and aircraft etc.


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Looking at the Aria Web site:

USB drive, typically:-

Read 4.3 Mb/sec  : Write  900 Kb/sec.

Hard Drive (typical): Read/write : 300 Mb/sec

Based on the above figures, I would say NO.


FrankTurley@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Does anyone know whether these are quick enough for FS. Novatech are
> offering a huge drive for a cheap enough price, it has the capacity, but
> is the access time ok?
> Frank T.

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