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I'm sticking with it in the hope I may get on the FS2006 beta team <g>. I
was lucky with FS98 and FS2000 but I don't think I got on the FS2002/4
beta's.. Can't remember now!

Glad to see that the rumour about FSX/FS2006 coming out in the next two
weeks has been quashed (see AVSIM). I'm suspecting the next release may well
be for the XBox - although MS now say that FS2006 is likely to be out before
the end of 2006 (last quarter).


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> I'm still running the monitoring software from Microsoft for FS2004
> and I know this does strange things from time to time. I've
> certainly had more
> crashes since installing it.
> bones

That particular piece of 'spy-ware' gave me no end of problems - I abandoned
it just 10 days after installing it <g>


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