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I jumped in at Glasgow and saw you on the ground in an ATOC 737(?). Oddly
enough your nose was bouncing up and down quite a bit but I've no idea why
that was happening.

Going to TCAS also showed you present but I only wanted to see if others
were around that I had no visual target on. Next I selected the Departure
button to bring the airfield plate up. I just touched the mouse wheel to
zoom in and FS disappeared - no warning boxes - gone. It was as if it had
never been running at all.

I'm still running the monitoring software from Microsoft for FS2004 and I
know this does strange things from time to time. I've certainly had more
crashes since installing it.


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Mike Brook wrote:

>Don't forget that you must
> switch to panel view in order for ATOC to recognise FS when you are
> trying to connect.

Mike, an interesting statement, that.  I've never heard it mentioned before.

Does the above just apply to your 'dual' setup, or to ATOC in general?

Would the above apply when you are in the process of setting up ATOC?

BTW I am sitting on the ground at EGPF if anyone wants to test their setup.


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