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  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 16:51:20 -0000

Al -

I'm sure that it is mentioned in the docs somewhere - it is not specific
to a LAN system. You should then get a 'beep' in panel view when ATOC
recognises that FS is running...  It can take some time across a LAN for
the Aircraft list to be recognised by ATOC and this can increase the
initial 'connect' time considerably.  Be patient...

Ref Frank's question:  I really don't know whether both Xpress and v1.9f
would run together on a stand-alone system!  I've only ever run ATOC
across my LAN.  Sorry!

Happy New Year to all... <G>


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> Mike Brook wrote:
> >Don't forget that you must
> > switch to panel view in order for ATOC to recognise FS when you are
> > trying to connect.
> Mike, an interesting statement, that.  I've never heard it
> mentioned before.
> Does the above just apply to your 'dual' setup, or to ATOC in general?
> Would the above apply when you are in the process of setting up ATOC?
> BTW I am sitting on the ground at EGPF if anyone wants to
> test their setup.
> Al

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