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I would appear that EZScenery can also use FS Design Studio (Version 3) libraries.

What are the pros and cons of FS Design studio and Gmax.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Gmax is probably 'on the way out'. Is this the case?



Bones wrote:
It's a fairly basic tool that taps into the FS2004 scenery library and
allows you to place library objects in locations of your choice. As far as I
can tell it doesn't have any design features to create your own objects.

It's already possible to tap into the library using other tools. Autogen
Annotator, AGenT and Art Martin's Annotator all do this - although not with
FS running as EZScenery can apparently do. The Autogen tools work by loading
scenery tiles and plonking objects on them. These can be either autogen
objects or library objects.

You can create your own library objects by linking your GMax work to a GUID
in the library XML file - which is what the VFR Add-on guys are doing with
the UK objects.


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Anyone any comments on the under noted, posted by Howard on the
UKFlightsim forum?


Howard J Curtis wrote:

From Abacus, a title which may be of considerable interest to scenery

EZ Scenery:

CD-ROM version available from 28/11 but the download version is out

Howard J. Curtis



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