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Sorry but I won't be grabbing it myself - my view is that objects should be
built with accuracy as the prime criteria rather than alter them to be more

Everything in FS is less visible than in real life. Truth is that screen
resolution doesn't allow you to see distant objects correctly as the pixels
are too big. I can identify an aircraft type in real life from many miles
away but in FS they only become recognisable at very close range. The same
applies to any small or thin construction on the ground but I don't want to
start making windsocks or GP aerials or lighting gantries fatter or bigger
just so that they can be seen further away.

The thing about masts in real life is that you learn to stay well away from
them. I've flown over the top of the Divis mast many times going into
Belfast. It's 1700ft high so it is wise to go up to at least 2200ft (2000ft
if you feel brave) but there have been many times I have never seen the mast
- and many others were it has only appeared within a mile or two. Masts are


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Re my posting yesterday. Ted has come up with a revised mast that can be
seen, just, at up to 10 miles away. Well, it can if it's on the skyline.
The trade off is that it looks far less elegant close up. But if you're
close to a mast I guess aesthetics come second to a change of underwear!

Place the  .bgl file in your FSX's Addon Scenery / Static Objects
Library's SCENERY folder, allowing it to overwrite the existing file

The file can be downloaded from


Gerry Winskill

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