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Sounds like a job for that can of compressed air...


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Yes but it will be if a spot of dust on the sensor filter. It's more a circle than a solid spot.

Bones wrote:
Is the spot always in the same place? If so it may be a dead pixel.


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The easy one first. I've got a spot of something showing up, consistently, on shots taken with various lenses, on my D80. I looked at the Jessops' site but the number of alleged solutions (pun) is overwhelming.

So, can anyone advise me what to go for?

Next the difficult one. SWMBO has a Peugeot 360 2 litre automatic Cabriolet. She's had it since 2001 and it's done about 25,000 and been regularly serviced. Recently it's started to splutter at walking pace, refusing to pick up. If switched off and restarted it performs OK, for a time. The dealer can't find anything amiss on the diagnostics though, happily, also encountering the fault during a road test. They suggest it might be a "lazy fuel pump" and suggest replacing pump and filter, though with no guarantee it will cure the problem. Materials alone are about £200.

One neighbour suggests it can't be the pump, because the system downstream from the pump will be kept pressurised. I'm not so sure he's right, since the pump could presumably be stopping as she slows down, so that the line pressure has fallen by the time she pushes the pedal, leading to a fuel shortage.

Any ideas? It's at this point that, in the days of the UKScenery list, someone would surface as the designer of the fuel injection system. One can but hope......

Gerry Winskill

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