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This is an alternative way of flying a turboprop. The philosophy is that if
you leave engine power at 100% it remains at peak efficiency, stays at a
constant rpm (increases reliability) and is giving maximum output for
instant response. This is how it is used on C130's and probably other
military aircraft because it offers tactical advantages. The downside is
that at a constant 100% operation the fuel burn is horrific so only the
rich, famous and military usually operate like this. <g>

If you decide on this method of flying (fuel is cheap in FS) it has the
advantage that you come down to one lever operation. Once set at 100% the
power levers can be ignored, as can the Condition Levers. Everything is
controlled on prop rpm.


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Having digested the RW writeup on the Epic T/P, I've been tangling with 
the more pleasing FSX version of a TBM700. The RW flight in one of these 
seems to suggest that, at takeoff, the power is advanced to 100%. I can 
accept that, if the power output is lower, but it isn't, or the aircraft 
heavier or draggier. From then on, it seems the power lever is left at 
100% and speed controlled with rate of climb then, in the cruise, by 
reducing prop revs. I seem to remember reading something similar, a few 
years ago.

Props and jets are simpler!

Gerry Winskill

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