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The other week, some time after landing, I was asked to sqawk standby, when a check on the ATOC window showed that I already had. Presumably it hadn't worked at the controller's end. Is there a way of getting it to squawl standby again, or do I opt for Charlie, then Standby once more?

BTW I've just downloaded an xml transponder gauge, complete with .dll, that says it will emulate Mode Off, Standby, Alt and Ident with Squawkbox. Presumably this might also work with FPI.
It's a Bendix King KT76c Transponder, by Philipp Stein.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

In real life you set the transponder to standby before changing codes
otherwise the unit will send the code that is on the dial when the SSR radar
pulse hits it. Many pilots forget (or are just lazy) and so you can briefly
have the callsign of another aircraft pop up on his target.

In FPI we see you changing squawks. If you are on the ground the standby
position removes your data tag from the screen but I'm not sure it does this
when airborne. OTOH I have never asked an aircraft in flight to squawk
standby so it may still zap the aircraft label. Must try next week.


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If using a panel equipped with a transponder, the value dialed up via the GoFlight kit appears, OK, in the panel instrument's window. Setting the ATOC window to either Standby or Charlie has no effect on the display. What happens at the controller's end, when I push either of these two?

BTW, none of the panels I've looked at has a transponder unit on which
the Standby button works, so is the ATOC window button the only way of
moving to Standby mode?

Gerry Winskill

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