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I was also dubious about buying it as I had been bitten by the E-Dimensional
glasses, but Bob at RC was just too enthusiastic about them and persuaded me
to try them. The new IR4 version is incredible and almost instinctive for
any real world pilot.

I lowered the response rate a touch and also switched off roll detection
(that could be rather weird) and the result is that instinct takes over -
you fly the aircraft as you really would. It's nice in the Tiger as you can
lean left of right to look past the nose but it's great fun with almost
every aircraft. Rick's Chipmunk, RealFlight SF260 and Spitfire or anything
else with a good VC.

I suspect Track IR4 works best on bigger monitors as head movement isn't so
critical. On my 21" screen it means I move my head through a greater angle
from centre screen to edge and therefore can use a lower sensitivity
setting. I guess the other factor is head to screen distance but I never
like getting very close to the monitor - my default distance is about 24",
never any closer.


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Having had TackIR 1, 2 or 3, (I'm not really sure which as I bought it 2
years ago), and not wanting
to shell out another £100 for something which everyone else said was
marvellous but I couldn't get
on with, I found a TrackIR 4 with Vector enhancement on Ebay! I was the only
bidder and it duly
arrived from Malta last week.  Today was my first chance to try it.  I flew
the Tiger and the
difference it makes is tremendous.  My old one never quite cut the mustard
for me, but no doubt
someone else would find it great.

This one is very stable and there's definitely another fan here.


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