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Just the man! Don't suppose you have any resources on the Leopard Moth available do you? I'm looking for good detail pictures, checklists etc.
I've been playing with the attached model in FSDS for a few months now and its coming along quite nicely, but I just can't get things like detail of the fuel filler cap, which I am led to beleive was on the side in the rear for the Kings Cup race model, and also there when G-ACOJ was flown over to oshkosh, not sure about the other models though!

I have received significant help from Frank Elton who did the original FS98 model, but sadly he has decided to take a backseat in FS Design now and I'm enjoying the opportunity to do some modelling of a neglected subject!

Don't worry if you don't have anything, its hardly going to be a big and popular release so I shall just endeavour to make it as accurate as the resources at hand allow.


bones wrote:
Happens in real life too. Some time back there was a short period in which I
flew Aztec G-CALL but was also flying the Leopard Moth G-ACLL. I didn't
always get it right - but neither did ATC!


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MikeB also appeared to be having an identity crisis (aka Romeo Tangle) last
night <vbg>.

Mike L

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I didn't notice. Too busy trying to remember to say "Mike Romeo
after years of saying "Golf Romeo Yankee". Must do something really
clever, like writing it out and sticking it above the monitor.

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