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In truth it is beginning to change and QNH is being accepted as more normal.
Most airliners no longer use QFE but have adopted the US approach of using
QNH only. Light aircraft still prefer QFE so that's what they are given too
- but only when entering the circuit. QNH must still be used for initial

I see no mention of Regional QNH in IVAO but I still give it.


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Sorry Mike

I must of missed your reply earlier.

No I do not have a problem with pilots wanting a chat, but remember, if I am

busy, I will have to be short, hopefully not to sharply.

re 9WZM, I was a bit puzzled, he should have put that B58 down with no
problem, and then he went harying off across the field, to find the parking

As far as QNH and QFE goes, I knew the answer, but did not have the time to
concentrate on it.

Apparently QFE is the norm for UK airfields, for those who did not know ( as

measured from amgl).


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