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Exactly so. Once you leave the zone north of Laxey/Peel you are in open FIR.
Most aircraft in real life stay on approach for a FIS but Andreas is busy
enough now for aircraft to switch to their glider frequency for traffic


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Just for clarification; what are the zone boundaries for your position,
If, for example, flying VFR to Andreas, do I report leaving the zone,
say near Laxey or Peel, to report back when inbound?

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

> Just for tonight John may I ask that you don't sit in operationally?
> Along with the JHB pilots we may see a few other aircraft around as it
> is the UK night on IVAO. If so it could get busy and I'd like to see
> pilots feeling their way around the new software but also being aware
> of what is going on around them. If it does become busy then it's
> likely that I'll be issuing conditional clearances and, even if
> everyone is VFR, it could become complex.
> For the JHB pilots I'd welcome any flying you would like. You can fly
> into EGNS from elsewhere, start up locally for circuits or have a
> flight up to Jurby or Andreas if you have the scenery. Basically this
> is just a familiarisation exercise in the system, in slightly more
> correct ATC and maybe a glimpse at medium or heavy RT workload in
> which chat or extended radio transmissions will get squashed on,
> simply because there isn't time for long conversations. With most of
> you I know you have the knowledge to operate in these conditions but
> the slackness of PCI has left you in need of sharpening up a bit.
> Hopefully this little test session will give an insight into a
> slightly slicker operation.
> Don't forget that I am also getting used to the new software and I am
> also slower than I should be so it will be an experience for all of us.
> bones
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>     Hi Guys
>     Had major problems with my computers but back on line.
>     I will log on EGNS_TWR tonight, under bones if I may.
>     PS yes hoping to open up Bristol or Southampton soon.
>     John Hill

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