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Just for tonight John may I ask that you don't sit in operationally?
Along with the JHB pilots we may see a few other aircraft around as it is
the UK night on IVAO. If so it could get busy and I'd like to see pilots
feeling their way around the new software but also being aware of what is
going on around them. If it does become busy then it's likely that I'll be
issuing conditional clearances and, even if everyone is VFR, it could become
For the JHB pilots I'd welcome any flying you would like. You can fly into
EGNS from elsewhere, start up locally for circuits or have a flight up to
Jurby or Andreas if you have the scenery. Basically this is just a
familiarisation exercise in the system, in slightly more correct ATC and
maybe a glimpse at medium or heavy RT workload in which chat or extended
radio transmissions will get squashed on, simply because there isn't time
for long conversations. With most of you I know you have the knowledge to
operate in these conditions but the slackness of PCI has left you in need of
sharpening up a bit. Hopefully this little test session will give an insight
into a slightly slicker operation.
Don't forget that I am also getting used to the new software and I am also
slower than I should be so it will be an experience for all of us.

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Hi Guys 
Had major problems with my computers but back on line. 
I will log on EGNS_TWR tonight, under bones if I may.
PS yes hoping to open up Bristol or Southampton soon. 
John Hill

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