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I had a problem with mine so I deleted it and tried to start again - bad

I got the three files to merge into one EXE as before and then I tried to
run the install. It decided that it was going to install to my J: drive -
odd because that's only a USB SD card drive. Unplugged it and then it wanted
to install to my camera USB drive. After unplugging all USB connections it
then decided to install to my G: drive - FS isn't there but I have plenty of
space on it and so let her rip.

It seemed to start OK but then threw up endless messages about FS not being
found, Invalid file locations and myriad other warnings. I am guessing it
couldn't find my FS2004 folder - which it needs as it replaces several
thousand BMP and BGL files.

I hate auto installers!


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It was a splendid session!  Welcome to Fred's mate and many thanks as always
to Phil, bones and John for the usual excellent ATC.  The more that I see of
the Project Canarias scenery for FS9 the more I like it.  As I said to John
Hill, I'm very tempted to abandon VFR flying in the UK and move to the
Canaries ...


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> Great session tonite, pity I was too late to log in as controller.
> But it was a change to be on the other side.
> Even stranger, Fred's voice changed at some point.
> Welcome Fred number 2, glad you could join us, hope you
> enjoyed it, you sounded like you knew what you was doing.
> Thanks guys.
> Frank F

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