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I've had FSScreen since 2001. In fact FSScreen is a misnomer because it
works with anything. When you hit Prt Scrn in Windows it captures the screen
to the clipboard - but you only get one shot at this because hitting Prt
Scrn again replaces the original screen grab. All FSScreen does is
automatically take the data in Clipboard and it saves it as a BMP file - so
you can hit Prt Scrn as often as you like and it will keep on saving

FSScreen works with almost any application. It may not work with some games
that remap the Prt Scrn key or jump into odd screen resolutions. I tried
this in Myst but I can't recall the result..


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FSScreen; I've just got round to downloading it.
Unbelievably simple. What I didn't realise is that it captures
everything currently used by FS. With my setup it captures the panoramic
front view, plus the instrument panel, on the screen below. The first
time I've been able to do that without resorting to a digital camera.

BTW, I eventually managed to post a query to Pete Dowson's Forum, re IOM
users not being able to register for his products, via simMarket. He
answered quickly and will contact them. His comment that he didn't think
everyone in the IOM had the same problem, since he assumed many would
have bought his products via the website, over the past 4 years, didn't
seem too logical and slightly brusque. His reply to a chap who mentioned
that downloading a key had brought an identified virus with it was quite
ratty. As was another where, yet again, product problems are said to be
caused by FS inadequacies and they should be contacted, not him.

Been reading too many paeons of praise, perhaps.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

> If you use FSScreen this saves all screenshots as bitmaps - which you
> can then trim, shrink or convert at your leisure. FSScreen is a mere
> 24k so no system overhead at all - far better than some screenshot
> programs that run to over 1Mb.
> bones
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>     Alex
>     Thanks, will have a look at Snapper, also noticed your lack of
>     'jaggies'.
>     Running FS9 on default 1024*786 (17inch LCD).
>     I could maybe get better shots saving in BMP, then converting to
>     JPEG for upload.
>     Frank
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>         Hi Frank,
>         I actually use different programs depending on what im
>         shooting for. Those were taken with "Snapper" by Ovosoft
>         (Freeware) However I have always thought that the important
>         thing for getting good results is proper resizing and
>         compression.
>         I only ever use "Quick E-Pics" (designed for resizing eBay
>         images) or Photoshop for resizing and saving my images. Doing
>         it any other way, for me, always leaves them loosing too much
>         quality.
>         Thanks for the complement anyway, I think its just the usual
>         matter of finding what works best on your system.
>         They'd have looked 5 million times better if it was from FSX
>         of course!
>         Alex
>         franklyn fisher wrote:
>>         Alex
>>         Fantastic shots, how did you get such clear screen shots,
>>         what program and setup did you use?
>>         I use screenshooter myself.
>>         Frank F
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>>             Thanks for that Gerry!
>>             Will download in the morning.
>>             For those who want to see some screenies, take a look
>> here:
>> http://board.pilot-club.com/showthread.php?tid=207&pid=804#pid804
>>             ATB,
>>             Alex
>>             Gerry Winskill wrote:
>>>             To get the Le Touquet scenery I was using, go to Avsim
>>>             library and search on LFAT.zip.
>>>             Enjoyed the flights.
>>>             Gerry Winskill
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