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It was a challenge for ATC too <g> - we had to beef up a bit on local
topography to avoid sending you into the hilly bits.

A pity only a few other pilots joined in but maybe there aren't all that
many left on FPI.. However it was nice to see an Air Littoral and an Iberia
join in, plus G-TOMI.. The only spoiler during the evening was an oddity
somewhere between Innsbruck and Sion that caused FS to crash for two pilots.
Later traffic was rerouted to avoid this black hole - but Alastair got
through without a problem. Odd one that.

Next week will be northern Italy.


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Hi all,

A great night's flying tonight.  Great to see so many controllers and pilots

Personally, I took a flight from LFSB to LOWI, having brushed up on my west
approach procedure plate for Innsbruck to make sure I'd got it spot on.
Then, as with all good planning I got sent across the airfield at FL130 to
execute the east approach procedure instead (I knew I should have studied
the other approach plate too!)  Excellent to keep me on my toes, as was the
visibility which dropped dramatically whilst 4 dme and never came back up
again --- missed approach called.  Fortunately the extra fuel stowed in case
of such circumstances was happily used.  After seeing that visibility I was
glad of the relatively easier approach the second time of asking.  Great fun

Thanks to all, see you next week.

Phil Reynolds

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