[jhb_airlines] Re: Tonight's FPI

  • From: Kev Townsend <175@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 09:37:04 +0100

ServInfo shows 3 multiplayer servers this morning, so whatever Stefan did down in his garage has kicked some life back into the service thankfully.

I have had problems with ServInfo over the last few days, so I'm happy its back.

Let's hope for some increased stability, as it appears theres a little life coming back to the service, although Grant is conspicuous in his absence.

Best wishes to all


At 05:08 9/1/2005, you wrote:
It's sad that the server glitch spoilt the beginning of the session - I saw
quite a few flight plans for aircraft that must have subsequently given up
through not being bale to contact ATC. Full marks (not) to the Lufthansa
1120 pilot who flew from London to Guernsey squawking 7700 all the way and
lit up all our tubes.

Once Stefan rebooted the servers it got better and most (not all) aircraft
then started picking up ATC.

I hadn't intended dealing with Plymouth traffic but Alan and Andrew didn't
show up tonight (or couldn't log in) and this left the airport empty. With
real weather forcing the use of 13 I had no option but to give inbounds an
SRA - I doubt an NDB approach would have been very appealing. The only
omission from a proper SRA was that I only gave 1nm height checks instead of
0.5nm checks - but it became rapidly obvious I was too rusty to try the full
talkdown patter. The other problem was that the non ILS runways don't have
any runway centrelines on the screen. At least I remembered how to nail the
wind drift - I think it was only Mike who was slightly off the centreline a

Good fun though..


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