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The server problem did get sorted out late into the session but even when
they came back Alastair disappeared when nearing Guernsey and I lost my
picture about ten minutes later. To be honest it's the worst glitch we've
seen for a while so I hope that we may be problem free for the next few

At least I have proved that SRA's are viable in FPI - but I don't think it
is something that I could teach other controllers. If we got centreline
markings for all runways they might be in with a chance but without these it
would be a struggle.


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I also had a brilliant talkdown at Plymouth from Bones - getting very
close to DH before rwy visible.  Highlight of the evening for me - many
thanks John.

Unfortunately I lost the FPI session completely when I tried to return
for the second half - nothing on ServInfo either.  What with the earlier
problems being unable to see any ATC positions this was something of a
bummer.  Hope they can get their server problems fixed.  I must admit I
have been casting the odd glance at IVAO.

Mike L

Gerry Winskill wrote:
> Well, having survived the server problems, that was very enjoyable. It
> was probably even more difficult for the controllers.
> Did anyone else find that the VFR Database's AG trees are planted plumb
> on the threshold of Plymouth's rwy 13?
> Very enjoyable GCA talkdown, too. I've long wanted to try one. I was
> amazed how quickly the last 8 miles sped by, in comparison to a normal
> ILS approach; even a manual ILS. The weather couldn't have been better
> for the talkdown. I didn't see the runway unti;l approaching Decision
> Height. Off for a lie down..
> Gerry Winskill

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