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The TMA reshuffling, meant that from EGGP to EGNL I was under it all the way, and as IVAO does not have metar for Barrow, he had to use Blackpool.

But at 2000ft I think he had too much to worry about, and could ignore me. Unless he wanted traffic whatever.

Frank F
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Once clear of the Manchester TMA there isn't any controlled airspace to
speak of - assuming you stay under the airways. ATC can't provide a service
in that area other than FIS, the exception being if you ask for a RAS from
Warton LARS.

Manchester can't provide a radar control service because you are outside
controlled airspace. They can't provide a decent RAS in that area because of
limited radar coverage but that realism is lacking in IVAO.

In fact radar coverage limited by terrain would be a good thing to simulate
in IVAO s it would show you all how much radar is limited in real life. It
would also come as a shock to the IVAO controllers too as I can see quite a few of them descending aircraft below radar coverage and wondering why they
have disappeared!


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Just completing flight no 40 of JHB VFR Tour, at 2000 EGGP-EGNL.

Splendor was on London control, Manchester came on as I was at 10 nm to
destination and immediately pinged me (me old mate Jake Creswell).

Jake is the only controller that immediately wants control, and will ping
you, I had put FIS only on the flight plan and thought that I was under the

I was not bothered at all by Splendor, who seemed to be happy to ignore me.
Next time Jake pops in, I will pop out.

Frank F


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