[jhb_airlines] Re: Time to move on

  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 17:48:39 +0100

Same here, Bones - although I have nothing like the amount of camera kit that you have - just a Canon A1 body and half a dozen lenses. I disposed of a second Canon body and a couple of lenses a while back. But I happened to be in the attic earlier today, rummaging through my various boxes of cast-off computer bits and pieces (I've promised a friend I'll build him a PC from my obsolescent gear - all done bar a floppy drive, now installing O/S), and I came across all my old darkroom kit. Now that hasn't been used since before the kids were born - so that's almost 20 years. I haven't the heart to throw it out and, although it includes some good stuff - a brilliant Nikkor lens for the enlarger in particular - it's probably unsaleable. So I've hung on to it, thinking that I might get some fun out of it when I retire - I reckon I would be better playing with chemicals than with Photoshop <g>.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
It struck me yesterday that I've not used my serious camera gear in about
three years so, rather than let the things rot in the cupboard, I'm going to
sell the lot. I doubt I'll get a fraction of what it cost as I doubt anyone
these days is at all interested darkroom kit but I'll be intrigued to see
how much the cameras themselves will have dropped to.

The Hasselblad's were (and still are) superb bits of engineering and the
lenses doubly so. Truth is though that they are rapidly becoming dinosaurs
in this fast growing digital age. It took me almost a full year to adapt to
6 x 6 format as my mind was still seeing 35mm format through the viewfinder
but once I fully realised the extra canvas available and started composing
fully for it the results were superb.

I regret moving on but it's nice to know that I had that experience.
Probably words that echo those of many in the past..


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