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The flashing rectangle will be a bitmap overlap - which might be a pig to
cure but I'll hunt it down.

When you say the brakes stop you dead do you mean literally, as in running
into a brick wall? I only set the value to mimic mild drag. You only need it
when landing - it should be turned off for taxying. I put the parking brake
on as part of my finals check and then turn it off as I slow down to a
walking taxi speed.

I presume the brake message doesn't appear because I only mapped one brake
to the tailskid. If you apply brakes as normal you probably won't get a
message - but you should if you apply the parking brake. I have actually
hacked my system to suppress all these messages but I still note a tiny red
bar at the bottom left of the display.


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a little later.

I have just flown a circuit at Sywell using just the keyboard.  Made one of
my better landings in a Tiger, though I
didn't sideslip. It flies beautifully - I will have to start on my floor
mounted joystick project now <sigh>

Slight glitch - There is a flashing black rectangle just at the 10 o'clock
position immediately outside the compass
Setting the ground drag with Ctrl-. stops her dead on the grass and
straightens her up if you are turning.  Also there
is no visual indication that the "brakes are on" Are those effects intended
behaviour? Peter

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