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I agree that the compass is almost impossible to read in 2D and that is why
I made it vertical in the VC.

"My crosshairs and bezel also move independently which is how the original
version works"

Can you explain that a bit more as I may be reading it wrong. The rotating
bezel on the top of the units I used was a complete "system" comprising of
the housing top, the compass rose and the cross hairs - all moving as one.
The cross hairs are always locked to North so you rotate the bezel to align
the tramlines to the compass needle and read off the heading from the index

On my P4 you can use either a mouse click or the scroll wheel to rotate the


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I'm not the slightest bit grieved, honest.  I am only pleased when a nice
aircraft is made available whether I modified
it or not.

I think your gauges are OK to read, (I particularly like the yellowed
"white" index marks and figures) with the
exception of the compass.  I'll send you the alternative which, if you click
on the brass makers plate on the compass
bowl, brings up a pop-up window with the compass shown "square on" for easy
reading. My crosshairs and bezel also move
independently which is how the original version works (in the Lancaster and
others).  I also tweaked your panel bitmap
to make it more like the one in the photograph you sent me some time ago.

I see you have done what I did with the radio and made the knobs clickable.
With my radio, I made the indicator marks
rotate as you click, which I quite liked, but that is only window dressing.


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