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If you want to finish off your panel I'd be quite happy to offer it as an
alternative to my own. My gauges are designed from actual instrument
photographs and, whilst they look authentic, the dials can be a bit hard to
read. Your graphic designed dials may appeal to those who aren't happy with
mine. I am more than happy to offer users a choice if available.


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Months of work instantly down the pan! :-((

Only joking.  Seriously John, that is great news.
As my No. 2 flying machine in the Cix VFR Club, I shall roll her out of the
hangar this very day!  I had a lot of fun
reworking your panel into XML - my orignal plan being to marry Bill Lyon's
"working" VC into your aircraft, but I never
got that far.  My kludges to fix your FS2004 power/pitch problem can now be
binned.  I think I'm coming to the
conclusion that for FS, much as I enjoy dabbling in the internals, I am
never going to have time to do more than tinker
round the edges, so I'll stick to flying!

VATSIMUK runs an air show at Sywell each July, and we have been part of the
display for the 2 years it has run - this
year we fielded a team of vintage light aircraft with a flypast and those
aircraft that could, a loop. Other aircraft
were Concorde, the Red Arrows (amazing display), Airbus 380, a Gloster
Meteor, and several others.  A Vatsim member had
created special aircraft library models so that everyone saw the correct
aircraft instead of the silly paper dart which
Vatsim/Squawkbox 3 is plagued with.

The air show works like any other multiplayer/internet session, but the
"spectators" are members in aircraft who log on
while parked and using either external view or switching the panel off, are
able to watch the display. Teamspeak is used
by a dedicated display team "manager" who doesn't fly, but communicates
between the flight and the organisers on the
ground to check timings etc., and the flight leader communicates with ATC.
At the height of the show, the maximum No. of
pilots and spectators on line at the show was 32, and the servers did begin
to creak.

The Cix VFR Club is forming an aerobatics team for next year (To be called
"Two-Four-Cix") featuring a Bones DH82A, A
Bill Lyons DH82A, and two Chipmunks in Cix livery (done by - er, Bones!)


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