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What you WILL notice from the new engine tweaks is that the aircraft is less
sprightly. Take off run is probably the most obvious because she accelerates
a lot slower - but a bit more realistically. The Tiger was by no means a
nippy aircraft.

Would it have been a scrape point you inserted into the cfg file? Scrape
points do produce drag - as you will now find if you dig a wing in because
I'd originally set these too high. They are now correctly aligned to the
lower wingtips and if you touch the ground with one the drag is readily
apparent as it yaws the aircraft significantly. I never set a tail scrape
point because I thought this unnecessary with having the tailskid assigned
the correct code. I'll add one and see if it makes a difference - but
scrapes tend to create sparks so it may look odd.

Glad to see someone has finally read the notes <vbg>. That line is wrong and
has been since the FS2002 release - well done on spotting the error!


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It is behaving exactly as you describe, but of course I'd got used to the
FS2002 characteristics! Unlearn mode <on>.

The engine rpm issue won't upset me - if it is right, it's good in my book.
I'm sure it was a contact point value I
tweaked - I'll have to see where it was.  I did make an excel table of
contact point values with labels.  The trouble
is - I don't document my changes scientifically.
I use MPH in the Tiger, so I'll try your numbers converted.  I made a short
video of me sideslipping into Turweston
last night, looks quite dramatic, but at 50Mb plus I need to make the
picture size a bit smaller and find out how to
compress avi files.  Anyway, its not for publication, because although I
landed on the grass, I missed the runway!!!

I also found a puzzle in the DH82_notes.txt file.  In the second para, you
say "just raise the nose until the
crosshairs..."  Did you mean raise the "tail"?


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