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What value were you changing in the aircraft.cfg file to increase ground
friction? In the FS2004 SDK there isn't any friction values available except
for aerodynamic behaviour.

I think stall and slow speed is now more accurate than in FS2002. In the
original the aircraft slowed down drastically when closing the throttle but
now it reflects what the aircraft really does. On closing the throttle
inertia keeps the speed decay slow at first but then it accelerates - partly
through inertia loss but also because an increasing AoA produces higher
induced drag. This drag is high on such and aircraft and the engine off
glide is, as you remark, quite steep. Not in a true nose down sense but you
certainly see the altimeter unwinding rapidly. When you round out the same
applies as there is a momentary float after which induced drag kicks in and
the speed decays rapidly. This is why the Tiger was tricky to land - get the
round out too high and you lost speed to rapidly to "float her on" - you
would drop out of the sky.

The handling values in FS2004 are certainly different and I'll be testing it
further over the next week or so. In fact I have already made one further
major change but I don't think you will like it. I've nailed the engine
friction values at last and this has adjusted the rpm range. On your model I
think it goes up to 2350rpm and drops to about 800rpm but the revised file
sees a max rpm of 2150 and a tickover of just 650rpm.

I don't know if you use knots or mph for speed values but try approaching at
58kts initially and bleed this off to 50kts just before round out. You
should be touching down right on the stall at 39kts. If she still doesn't
slow down as expected I might have a further look at the drag parameters.


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A number of points to consolidate all the msgs <g>

The grass landings seemed OK, but it was the tarmac ones where I couldn't
get it to stop (acute fence looming syndrome
at Leicester Rwy 22). I seem to recall tweaked some values in the
aircraft.cfg file on my modified FS2002 Tiger to get
it to have a bit less ground friction - I guess you might need a bit more if
the brake idea is dropped.

The flashing black rectangle doesn't seem to be there now!!

My compass also rotates on the scroll wheel - nothing I did - honest!

Noted re the stall characteristics.  I also find that she doesn't slow down
quite as quickly as before, when the
throttle is closed.  She dives like a brick, but then if you pull the nose
up, the airspeed doesn't decay as fast as i
expected, and the further nose drop is very late (or later than I expect)
leading to a few late touchdowns. This is of coursewith only a few landings
so far.

I don't know why the handing seems so much nicer than before, but it is.


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